Perhaps I am wishy-washy. Perhaps. But I guess that’s the way The Lord has made me.
Or maybe I’m rather more a person of habit?
One or the other. ๐Ÿ˜€
After two years of keeping a blog at Google’s Blogger, swapping to WordPress was a choice driven mainly by the idea that I could reach more people who may be interested in reading my stories once they were published. But now I have begun blogging more regularly, I find that finding an audience for my books are a minor part of my blogging experience compared with the lessons and life stories I share.
I want to reach as many people as I can for The Lord Jesus and be a testimony to them, but at the same time I’ve always been against putting my whole life out for anyone and everyone to see.
And when I write I share a lot.
Thus, I am moving my blog back to its original home on Blogger, which seems to be less open. It might not be so wonderful at getting my stories out for others to read, but my own blogging can be more free and my own.
This adventure with WordPress hasn’t been a waste though.
I thank Jesus that I’ve met several new friends through this experience.
Please come over and join me at my original home for My Life In Him;

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

New Pages


After dwadling for much too long, I have at last added the pages about my writing to my blog.

Please check out the new pages on the tabs at the top of the page; As a Pencil and The Purpose.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

The Lord Jesus bless!

A Look Back, So We Can Look Ahead

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but them shall I know even as also I am known.ย 

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”

I Corinthians 13:12-13


Going through pictures yesterday, I was reminded of how things change.

I guess everyone is inclined to do that when they look through pictures – even if their not reallyย old, per se.

I was looking through pictures of a couple years ago. 2011.


Carra was 18, I was 19, going to turn 19 and 20 later on in the year.

Daddy had taken a day job in town for the first time in our memories, and us girls were at home most of the time; cooking, canning, and doing things we later would come to love (though at the time it was mainly work).


ย This was the year we began doing some outside jobs; four or five in this year actually.

Daddy had begun working on getting his GCย licenseย again and we were picking up a few small jobs for individuals.

Earlier in the year we hadย traveledย so far as Statesville NC to work.

ย 327

It was also the year of the big snow (something very rare for South Carolina!).


That was the last time I remember sledding – and the first time I remember sledding since 2003 when we had a huge snow over in Gaffney, SC.


Our herd of goats was still small; Daisy, her two daughters Joy and Princess, and our buck Silver. We had scores of chickens though! And we loved every minute of chores. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think the goats liked the snow as much as we did though! ๐Ÿ˜€

carra moved these 003

It was the first year we had more than one goat give birth at once (and the last year that kidding season was not so exhausting). It was also the year our little Rosie was born. ๐Ÿ™‚


We would take long walks on the dam behind our house, Carra and I together, and K would read to me.


We had a special mothers’ day – of course, this was before we knew how much we would need to use that grill when a huge storm came through shortly afterwards and took away our electricity for two or three days! ๐Ÿ˜€

039 044

Things were changing in our family; so slowly, but they were.

We weren’t always happy with the changes, but come they would, and the things that went on in this year, and the years before that, the Lord put within our lives to change us into better servants for Him.

Of course we didn’t know it at the time, and still are not often aware of it when He is working.


I could go on and on about the changes of 2011. The things we went through; all the learning we did – a lot of it in cooking and canning! We had tons of pickles that year and preserves.



Carra, I’m sure you’ll remember this blurry picture!

We thought this was the very pits of life, didn’t we? The month or more we spent at this home, working – and learning so much about our work!


Glazing windows.


And painting them – then trying to get them unstuck! ๐Ÿ˜€


We thought this was just the worst part of our lives that could be imagined.


It was the first time in 11 years that my sister and I ventured to have separate rooms.

And it worked.

Mainly because one sister was on the computer a lot at the time, while the other wanted to sleep!!



And though we thought we were so, so unhappy….

We can look back now and see the joy that’s hidden in these pictures; the joy we didn’t really know that we had.


It was a year of learning; of doing things we’d never done before, of experiencing changes we never imagined would come, and of touching new relationships that for a while seemed to send our family on rollercoasters – when really all the were doing was showing us hills and valleys that weren’t really all that deep or tall.

If only we could have seen this then.

If only we could have seen the Lord’s Hand in our circumstances, and learnedย then to love everyday as if it were our last, and to put our most into each moment for the glory of our Lord Jesus and the love of each other.

If only we could have seen this then.


And today; as we work…trudging through hours of labor we outright despise, having no time at home as we think we ought, and struggling with relationships – within our family and without – as well as laboring in our own personal relationships with our Jesus….

If today we would just look up.

If we would take a lesson from our past.

All those hours we could have enjoyed and rejoiced in, even in trials and trouble, if only we would have seen Jesus’ working.

And what of today?


In the simple things in life – and the most difficult – He is still here, still working.

Why can’t we just trust Him?

Why don’t we ever learn this lesson?

Instead of being downcast and depressed and drug down because of tribulation and struggles? Why can’t we embrace these hardships and hold onto Christ, knowing His is always a better plan?

Mobile Blogging…being a teen…growing up…and other things.

Well…unlike I figured…I have a nice deal of time on my hands today with which to write a blogpost – even mobile. ๐Ÿ™‚ actually I have a LOT of time today!

The surgery is taking the whole day, so far as can be told right now, so everyone is sitting around talking, doodling, and otherwise killing time while we pray for Randy in the operating room and trust the Lord’s Hand will guide the surgeons as they work.

It’s a wet, chilly day today.
It was even worse at 2:00am when we got up!!

That’s writing-worthy!

As I may have mentioned before, I am more of a night type person. I like to stay up late, reading or writing. Getting up before the sun is not usually my favorite way to start the day. I don’t mind sometimes…but 5 is about as early as I can handle.

Well…in order to see Randy before they took him back to surgery, we had to make it 150 miles or so by 7:00am.
Which meant, in order to get chores done, we had to get up at TWO!

So…up at 2, chores at 2:30, breakfast 3:30, then on the road by 4:07. A two and a half hour drive and we’ve been in Winston Salem, at the baptist hospital since 6:44.
Thank the Lord we did get to see Randy before they took him back – but just before. He got ere just a few minutes after us and they took him in less than half an hour later!

Now we’re in the dreaded hours of waiting…aching…praying…starving…bored…waiting…praying…aching…thirsty…getting lost in the hospital…..
The list goes on.

But we’re enjoying it – despite the circumstances and the tiredness! It’s nice to see our relatives again, get caught up on the bits of news we’ve missed, and see Randy’s boys again.

Trai and Thomas have certainly grown – even since my first mention of them on my blog a couple years ago!
Watching them play games, organize their collection of miniature cars and trucks (and planes!), draw (and very well, I might add!), study up on their homework, etc. it reminds me of when I had just turned a teen (and a little younger).

That was a beautiful year.
It should be really; the child is growing, feeling his age, learning more about life, but still young enough to enjoy it – all of it, not just parts of it like adults! – in their simplicity.

When I turned 13, my family was in the middle of moving to a new home, I was thoroughly enjoying both piano and writing, was busy with my school lessons, and only had the responsibility of my four year old cat and partial responsibility of our four dogs.
I and my sister took up violin that year and The Lord truly blessed that. Besides Mamas attempt to teach us guitar when we were six or seven, learning violin was our first experience with a stringed instrument. It was a LOT of work, but The Lord planted the desire to play so deep in our young hearts that it took off like wildfire and despite the aching necks and fingers, we learned quickly and loved every minute of it!

It was also the year that the Lord blessed our young bee farm; our whole family spent a LOT of time tending the bees, building supers, catching swarms, harvesting honey, and talking talking, talking about bees.

It was a year of learning, changing, expanding my mind (not through reading, I add, my affair with reading had already waned), experiencing new things and meeting new people.

I did not write much in my diary that year. I didn’t like where we were living, I thought everything exciting had been left behind at our old home. So, I didn’t care to write much about my life (I just wrote stories) though now I wish so much I had documented more about my first year as a teenager. (Though I do not in any way regret the hours I spent scribbling stories. The Lord taught me more in that year – and in the next two or three – about writing than I think I ever learned mechanically since.)

13 was a good year for me – I might not have felt so at the time – but looking back, it was a very good year.
But isn’t every year like that?
Every year we should appreciate the Lord’s working in our lives – no matter what we see in our natural sight. His work is so much greater than our ideas – our biggest dreams are so time compared to His plans for us.

May we learn to love each day, each month, each year as a gift from our Savior.
One day we WILL look back and see His Hand in our lives where before we saw only trouble and trials, and we will lift our hand in Praise to His Providence.
But how much more wonderful our lives would be if we could become conscious of this WHEN it is happening!

“For with Thee is the Fountain of Life: in Thy Light shall we see Light. O continue Thy Lovingkindness unto them that know Thee; and Thy Righteousness to the upright in heart.”
Psalm 36:9-10



Lessons we learn

A here while back, I will confess, I was very frustrated and angered ~ and sad, and mad, and confused, and worried, and exhausted, and anything else you can say that would mean a very-unhappy-discontent-and-hard-to-get-along-with-individual ~ about my life in general.
I wrote a post during this time that – even more than I knew – exposed my feelings perfectly. I didn’t mean to make myself so open, and have since a little regretted and a little appreciated it, and a very great deal learned from it.

I’ve never sought or desired to be one of those blogger’s whose life is a fairy-tale. So many bloggers I’ve seen only put the cheery, good parts of their lives up for inspection, and when you visit their blogs you get the feeling that these people never have anything wrong, never struggle, never worry, never argue.
I certainly don’t support laying all your problems out for the world to see; just to cry on someone’s shoulder so-to-speak. But I think a certain degree of the real-world is necessary.
I guess this is the writer-side of me talking; the one that likes the reality, the darker characters, the troubled stories.
I just want my blog to be real – show the real, sometimes faithless, jealous, struggling person that I am, instead of always the happy, joyful, full-of-praise part that seems to naturally come out whenever I’m around strangers.
I want people to see that, though I trust in the Lord Jesus and always try to seek Him in my life and depend on Him for Breath and Nourishment in each step of it, there are those times when I just sit and cry and wonder, “What for? What am I doing this for? What’s the purpose? Why!” or “Why do they treat me like this? What have I done?” or “What’s wrong with me?” or a dozen other questions we may ask ourselves in times of pain and trials.
I am human.
Not just a fairy-tale-live-in-a-mushroom-blogger.

So…enough of what the Lord taught me about blogging through A post with a rather different tone.

A few weeks after writing that post, I was still struggling with the same thing.
Of course, our situation had changed, jobs had come and gone (and not at all like I had expected/predicted), and life had changed.
But I was still struggling.
See, I was raised from about nine years old to when I was about twenty, with a family who all stayed at home. We did our schoolwork at home, Daddy worked at home because we would buy a run-down house, live there while he and Mama fixed it up, then in a year or at most two, we would sell it and move on. We never lived in the same place above two years. We’d use the money from the house we sold to buy another house of lesser value, have a little money left over, and then fix up the house we had bought.
None of us dreamed of ever working away from home – even when things got tough, we just prayed and trudged on through. Eventually the house we lived in would sell and we’d move to a new one with money enough to live on and keep the lights going – that was enough for us.
My sister and I didn’t worry about moving, never thought of the pain of leaving our friends, or not being able to be where we loved being anymore. We didn’t go to public school, the only friends we had were each other and our animals. Of course, we did occasionally meet girls our age (at one house I remember this; some girls who lived across the street took to coming over every day and riding bike for a while), but they were never like us, many of them were unbelievers, and we never really got along. So…it didn’t hurt our feelings any to leave these places. It was more an adventure – moving to a new house, seeing our new rooms, the new yards…new everything.
But I’m off the subject.
This constant at-home-ness inbred in me a feeling of place; of belonging. I belonged at home. I dreamt of one day marrying, staying at home caring for the house and little ones, and living on a big farm where my husband’s work was in the fields or cattle yards.
I hated the thought of college. As a young girl my happiest wish was to say I made it through life without the world’s so-necessary education. (I still feel this way.)
But we’ve lived here, at our home, for six years now.
We tried to do the same thing we always did, and sell the house after fixing it up, but due to unforeseen problems (including the economic slump) our house never would sell. We tried for two or three years, and it never would sell.
Of course, that led us to a problem. Our source of income was zip. And we still had as many bills – and more – as when we came here. We had to find a way to make a living somehow. We all fought it for a very long time, but eventually we knew, if we were going to keep our home, we’d have to go out and make a living – away from our beloved farm.

If you have been following my blog for very long, you should remember when my Dad passed his General Contractor’s exam and got his NC Contractor’s license, and then went on to get his SC license as well. That was the beginning of the long road we’re now travelling, becoming contractors for the City here near where we live, renovating low-income homes for the government.
Ever since work started I have kicked and balked against it. Not because I didn’t want to work {who does though? ๐Ÿ™‚ } but because I didn’t like how much it changed our lives, and how it seemed to bring us back to our old life – the life we had before we knew the Lord.
(Daddy was a licensed General Contractor years ago and ran a business etc. We were born into that world, and it consumed our family in such a way that I hate all the memories of my earlier years.)
I didn’t want this to drag us back into what we were before.
I still fear this, and pray daily for the Lord’s Hand upon us and upon our work.
But, since my frustrated post of last November 27th, the Lord has been teaching me about my own view of our work, my own out-look on it and on life in general.
I used to think that I embraced change. I thought change meant rearranging your bedroom, eating supper in the living room instead of the dinning room, or washing dishes by hand instead of the dishwasher.
My idea of change was ever so wrong.
I do not take life changes easily – at all.
That I’ve found to my great sorrow. I fight against anything that changes my schedule or my routine, I argue against anything that rearranges my life (not my room), and struggle with anything that takes us away from home.
I still think that home is where I belong; cleaning, cooking, sewing, working with the goats, planting gardens (however poorly), writing.
How can I write when I’m painting!!!
This is where the Lord’s lesson through my November post came to me. It came slowly – ever so slowly.

Remember a few Thankful Thursdays ago I thanked the Lord for leading me to read Nehemiah? 
Well, this is what I had reference to. 
In Nehemiah, the author has led the remnant into Jerusalem and, despite adversity, they are rebuilding the wall of the city. They toil night and day, weapons in hand, to rebuild the wall of the city of the Lord.
The part the Lord blessed me with was the work of the priests. The most holy segment of the Lord’s people at the time ‘picked up their hammers’ (so to speak! ๐Ÿ™‚ and worked with their hands to build the wall of the Lord. 
He spoke to me as I read this. 
If they worked thus, why shouldn’t I?
I’m sure they didn’t like what they did. They didn’t enjoy building that wall. But it was the Lord’s will for their lives at that given moment in time -just like His Will, so it seems, for our lives just now is to work in renovating these homes for the under-privileged. 
I mightn’t think its where I belong – but its where the Lord Jesus has placed me. 
Reading the story of the priests in Nehemiah strengthened me to His Will so much. I realized that life changes, and though it isn’t always easy at first, sometimes these changes are His will. Sometimes the challenges – the things we think are too dangerous – are His intent for us. When we think its against our nature; its according to His nature. 
I still don’t like construction work – I’m a girl, for heaven’s sake! – but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I’ve begun to see the blessings in this work; like I mentioned before. While the goats were kidding K and I didn’t go to work for a whole week – didn’t loose our jobs because of it. If we’re sick, we don’t have to call in sick; we just don’t go. If something happens and we need to be somewhere else, we just all pick up and go – no worrying about the boss. 
There’s still responsibility. We have a deadline to meet. We have work that must be done in a certain length of time. The money isn’t tops, per se. We bid a round sum; none of us are paid by the hour, Carra and I individually don’t get paid, as paying goes. We all work for a common cause, if there’s anything to spare, we two may get some – and it goes immediately to supporting the goats. There’s no hoarding funds in this family. But there’s also no room and board paid to parents either. 
Without forth-pouring our entire financial situation, are you beginning to get a small picture? 
Though I hope one day to make money through my stories, and Carra and I hope one day to have a working farm to support of family(s) through, we still must make money now. 
And since we can’t do it at home (or rather, by selling our home!) anymore, we must go out and make it, in the same profession we were raised in. 
I’d rather do this than be bound to a 9-5 schedule on someone else’s time, doing work I don’t really like to do – getting yelled at each time I send a text, or check-in on facebook because I’m on the clock. ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Though I don’t like the work, I like it better than anything else I can see just now, and the Lord has created this way for us. 
Like the priests in Nehemiah, He has called us – or me, rather, since I’ve had such a fight against it – to pick up my hammer and accept the change He’s given me in this new time of my life. 
Childhood is over – days of sitting and just writing and playing piano are gone. In my early twenties its time to pick up and ‘move’ in my mind – to a different pasture; where I have to browse instead of just graze around my feet. 
And actually, since Jesus has shown me this, I am more and more enjoying this new life. 
Actually I found myself looking forward to work beginning again after the goats had finished their kidding. I look forward to the weekends when we’re at home, but then I look forward to Mondays – the Lord has given me a set time for writing now; mainly on workdays! I never imagined my writing time would improve through having to be away from home!

I still have my fears. Particularly about this work dragging us back into what we were before. 
Before we had a business, we worked to build that business, and be successful. 
Now, we only have a business because its necessary if we work in the city to have some sort of name to go under. Our business name is Yeshua’s Builders – Yeshua being Hebrew for Joshua, which is Greek for Jesus. We’re working under our Lord’s name. Not building a business, or trying to be successful  Just trying to pay the bills and buy groceries, and goat feed.  
I pray it stays this way. 
Just as I have seen that this bane is actually a blessing from my Jesus for my life personally, may we all see that this work is for Him, not ourselves. Not for the business, not for expanding, not for being contractors, doing good work, or making a name for ourselves. Its for honoring our Jesus, we’re working under His Name. He’s given it to us to make a living by. And that’s all. 
May Jesus bless everyone this beautiful Sunday!


Well…I have tried.
I’ve wanted to write a blogpost; I truly have. I love keeping a blog, I love praying for a topic, writing a post, getting up pictures.
I tried to write one this morning at six-forty-five or so, I started another at about three-forty this evening. I’ve dug through my pictures, I have thoughts on a subject, I have an idea for the format.
But it just won’t come.
I can’t concentrate, I’m exhausted – not tired, exhausted – and I guess I have one of those terrible cases of the lazy-writer-syndrome. I’m aching all over from the week’s work at the job and from working the goats’ today, my allergies are acting up with this beautiful spring-like weather we’re having, my head hurts, my lips are chaffed from all the wind and are burning like fire, and we still have evening chores to do.
I should be writing in my barn records.
I should be writing some long-over-due letters I’ve been neglecting (for literally months; so much for loving writing!).
I should be working on my story.
I should be practicing piano or violin.
If I’m not going to do any of this writerly/musician type stuff…
I should be planning our garden.
I should be planting our herbs, carrots, onions, garlic, cabbage, lettuce, celery (which are already very late for getting in here in SC).
I should be cleaning our bathroom.
I should be unloading the dishwasher.
But I just don’t feel like it.
Anyone else ever feel that way?
I just don’t feel like doing anything.

Its one of those beautiful early spring days. Cool enough, with the breeze, to sometimes feel like you need a sweater, but warm enough, in the sun, to sometimes feel like you need to jump in the pond and go for a dip. The sun is coming and going, but the clouds aren’t bright and puffy – they’re more like rain clouds trying to all group together and create a nice storm. 
And its been a beautiful Saturday. 
  • Morning chores (includes feeding, watering, milking, bottle-feeding, checking on sickies, giving hay (and alfalfa), refilling water, straining and pasteurizing milk)
  • A family came to buy a couple kids; stayed about an hour. 
  • Doc came; TB, Brucellosis, and CAE tests done (filling in papers, catching and holding goats, drawing blood and doing the TB prick test on each one) plus sickies looked at and instructions given on care and meds for each.
  • Doc left; instructed meds given, goats let out, electric fence turned on.
  • Bread made (and since punched down, formed into loaves, baked, and frozen)
  • Cajeta cooked (and nearly burned, I should add ๐Ÿ™‚ 
  • Feta put on (and since cut, stirred, and strained)
  • Ten bales of hay taken down to the barn and stacked
  • Kid disbudded
  • Back home, laundry folded and dishes done. 

I love full days – at home, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚ Its not so fun in town or at the job.

And I especially love them when there’s time left over to sit down and work on my writing/music and do a little blogging. 
But for some reason, I couldn’t seem to come up with a blog post today!
Though, it seems the Lord has given me one despite my writer’s block. This is as well as any, I guess. 
A little complaining, a little content, a little disconcerted, a little happy. 
I should say a lot happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ 
So much has been done today – things still linger, needing finished, but the biggies are over with.
Especially all that testing on the herd; that’s been a big weight on my mind! We can’t drink our girls’ milk who haven’t been tested until we get the results back. (TB and Brucellosis can both be contracted by humans through drinking contaminated milk). Our older girls were tested last year, they’re due for another test but it’s been safe enough to drink their milk. We’re pretty sure the younger girls are clean (coming from clean herds), but we have to test. Its mandatory in our books! (And will really be once we’re an up-and-running dairy.) It feels so good to have the whole herd – including our buck – finally done. Now…just to pray for the results. 

I think I’ll skiddy off now and maybe we can get chores done in time for K and I to have a quiet evening watching a movie together and sipping tea. ๐Ÿ™‚
Orange-blossom tea….

The Poll

I’ve been wanting to do this for a rather long time. 
A poll asking my readers what they would like to see more of on my blog. 
I just never have had the time to make one up, or to keep up with it, or – lately – to do blogging period. ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Now that kidding season is slowing down (we have three does more to kid, and a few concerns for one doe already freshened, but we’re praying and working with Doc about her), and our job at Ogden is finished I think I may have more time to do a more ‘regular’ type blog. 
We are starting a new job, coined Hemlock, which should begin next week, but I’m trusting the Lord that somehow I’ll be able to juggle work, farming, keeping up the house, music, and writing (i.e. diary, story, letters, or blog), and have a little time for everything. Maybe not everything everyday, but somehow in each week have accomplished a little of everything. 
If that makes sense…. ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyways, many of my blogging friends have blog schedules (where they pick out certain days to blog, or certain days to blog about certain things). I like that idea, but am not sure how I’d be able to keep up a regimen of required content, unless it were simple posts like Wordless Wednesdays and Thankful Thursdays (two days of blogging I enjoy sharing and reading on other people’s blogs too). I guess I’ll have to ‘test the waters’ and see what feels best before I jump in. 
But, as to content itself, I’ve always struggled to have a balance. 
It has helped to take my big, talkative writing posts to a new site, but I’m still trying to balance other things here on my home blog. 
So now, with the opening of my writing blog helping to somewhat de-clutter My Life in Him, I think this is the best time to finally post a poll and let my readers tell me what they prefer reading about. 
You’ll see the poll over on the right side of my blog. It runs until next Saturday and you can vote for more than one subject if you want to. Everyone feel free to contribute – whether you’ve been following my blog since it opened, or you’ve just stumbled upon it and like what you see! ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward with excitement to hearing your responses!
Happy Saturday everyone, and the Lord Jesus bless you all!

Some Changes

Well, as you can see, I’ve made a few changes to my blog – again
I can’t seem to keep things the same…I change like…well, the weather! ๐Ÿ™‚ 
But seriously, the weather has been changing a lot lately.
Friday it was up in the 60’s, bright blue skies and sunshine, and then Saturday dark clouds hung
over the farm all day, cold rain turned to snow and by nightfall we had two to three inches all over the ground. 
Its been cold again today, but the sun was out so all our snow has melted away. ๐Ÿ™‚
Our hay field and the drive down to the barn was covered in snow this morning. 
It was beautiful walking down and enjoying the bright orange sunrise. 
I love it when it snows – but down here, thank the Lord! ๐Ÿ™‚ – it doesn’t stay too long.
Hmmm… I never knew I’d say that.

But anyways, on with the main purpose of this post. 
I have not been comfortable with the changes I made to my blog a few months back.
When I made those changes I was feeling a need to start more promotion for my 
story and writing; get the word out there more by blogging about it and linking to it from other sites.
The more I’ve gone on working with it however, trying to make it all fit, the more I 
continue to come up against this brick wall in my mind….
Its just not working. 
I can’t mix the two – my writing and my regular daily life – and expect to get the most out of both of them.
This morning I sat down and opened a second blog.
One that takes the old name of this blog (allowing my previous title to take back its rightful place!)
and will be solely about my journey in writing, about what the Lord Jesus teaches me in,
about my stories themselves, and the characters in them. 
I’ll still be posting about my story here from time to time – writing is still a part of my daily life! –
but my new blog, Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver, will be the online home for 
all my writing ramblings. 
I have deleted a couple of pages from this blog, moving them (with a few changes) to their new home,
and written and introductory post. 
The site is still needing some work – a few more pages, widgets, etc. – but I think its 
safe to introduce to you all! ๐Ÿ™‚
So, take a minute to pop over and visit my new writing blog Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver
follow it if you like it enough and want to stay up-to-date with Unlikely Lives and the story of Sullivan, 
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Wednesday Morning.

“And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.”
Luke 1:47

I had a rather different sort of experience Wednesday morning. 
All 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming in as usual,
but as it turns out my mouth is too small to hold them all. ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve been knowing they needed pulled, but last week
one of them got to be very sensitive. 
So…the appointment was set for Wednesday for the tooth to be pulled.
I was actually very nervous.
I had dental work done before, but no actual pulling.
The Lord Jesus is good to His servants though.
He is our Strength – even through these things which seem so simple – 
and He is our Provision when our flesh is too small to deal
with even the simple demands of everyday life.
He blessed us with a wonderful dentist here, and his very
helpful and wonderful staff.
They were all very considerate and helped me to calm down.
Carra went in with me – which was such a comfort!
Thank you again, K! I love you!
The pulling actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
The recovery has been worse than I expected.
I didn’t consider the pain that would come after the 
numbing went away, and it didn’t even cross my mind about the side-effects
of pain medicines….
So…I’ve been quiet – again – around here this week.
First of all Monday and Tuesday were spent preparing for Wednesday.
(That means cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,
cooking, working in the garden, even bathing our five dogs!)
Wednesday was the surgery,
and Thursday and Friday so far have been recovery days.
This is actually the first time I’ve felt well enough to sit up 
and get on my computer.
(And having only been here about 1/2 an hour I’m very dizzy and 
ready to lie down again….)
Lordwilling, I’ll soon be back to life though – 
and back to blogging too! 
I have a lot to share!:)
The Lord Jesus bless you all!