A snippet

I just thought it would be nice to give you all a snippet of An Unlikely Love. 🙂
You can read more by previewing it here.
I might post more snippets later, and I'm praying about posting another complete (and Lordwilling it will be complete this time!) story just for my blog.
But we'll see how the Lord leads. 🙂

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Soap Making…with goats’ milk of course! :)… and some etc.

The cold seems pretty well gone now. All thanks and praises be to our Jesus! 🙂 
So, able to sit up and stare at this awful machine… I thought it's about time for a post. 🙂
I know I posted on making soap before.
But, since it is something I'm excited about and since I don't have time for a longer and more interesting post…I thought, if the Lord will bless, I'll just write about our latest adventure in the kitchen. 🙂

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Friday Photos

This week we've been rather down.
Strange sickness though – mostly fatigue, headaches, nausea….but no real cold symptoms.
I have been feeling better for the past couple days, and Carra has seemed better since yesterday.
But today I'm starting to have some more respiratory symptoms….maybe the cold will come on after all. :{ We'll just have to trust the Lord and see!

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Friday Photos

(Another two posts in a day! – please don't forget the first post of the day about the trip Wednesday! 🙂

I decided to go ahead an post this now, since I really need off this machine and in bed or something. 😦

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Wednesday Trip

I promised a post about the trip Wednesday.

Since then I haven't been feeling too perk – actually it started the day before the trip. So…I've waited and waited and now here it is Friday and I finally post (when its time for a scheduled post! 😦 )

Anyhow….here's some pictures. (We did get some; thank the Lord! 🙂
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Two posts in a day….

Its late and I need to be getting so I can read my Bible, write to a dear sister, and pack my things for tomorrow.
We'll be going to visit friends a couple hours from us….I think its going to be quite a day!

I don't know for sure if we'll be able to get pictures (not everybody likes getting their picture taken twenty times in a day  :), but pictures or not, still I'd like to post on it as soon as the Lord gives me the time.
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