Mama’s Project

Last week Mama started on a project…a flower bed up by the house. Carra and I helped her clean wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of leaves out of these wasted spaces by the handicap ramp coming up to the back porch and we also helped her lay black plastic down; she did the rest by herself; hauling in wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of plants and arranging them.
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Lily Tuesday – A Letter

Dearest Katie;
           We arrived in Atlanta a whole week after leaving Cuttersville. I couldn’t believe how long it took to get here. But the roads are so bad. One of the fellows travelling with us said that the government has left off repairing them because of the war efforts. I wish they would work more on them again. We had to stop so often because the horses were tired from the hard driving. Then one of the holes in the road was so deep the wheel of the coach got stuck and we all had to get out in the rain and push the vehicle free. Several miles on down the lead horse broke his leg in another hole. That was terrible. Maggie was in tears because they had to shoot the poor thing. I was in tears more so because we had to walk the two miles back to our last stop to hire another coach and fresh horses.

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Sonntag Heilige Schrift

"I seek not yours but you"
I don't know if that is a verse from the Bible, an interpretation of a verse from the Bible, or just something the Lord told Mama.
I'm thinking it's more of the latter.
"I seek not yours but you"
Circumstances then were very hard on my mother…actually her life was on the line…and she was earnestly seeking the Lord's purpose in making her go through such suffering. What was the reason for it all? She couldn't die, she kept telling Him, what about her husband, her girls? They needed her. Jesus told her; "I seek not yours but you." He wanted her whole focus to be on Him. Just believing in Him, even serving Him, wasn't enough – Mama had to give up herself totally and honestly to truly be useful in His kingdom.
This Psalm speaks that to me. God doesn't want our lip service; words of belief, hours of studying, even deeds of charity. He first wants us – our whole mind, spirit, soul, and body. He wants us to trust Him with every aspect of our lives.
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Horses Blood….Needles….and Lockjaw (goosebumps yet? :) )


Last night when we went down to the barn to do our chores we had a bit of action…besides weaning kids and tending to Barnabas (who has mysteriously come up with diarrhea again…..)….Princess, one of our does in milk, had a one inch or so gash on her jaw. Carra's written a post all about the episode in her blog. You can read the story here. Turn the Page please…..

Goat Attack!!!

Goats are wonderful, wonderful creatures….they can be loving, sweet, patient, even comforting. Chore time in the morning and evening is not hard, hard work; it's more a matter of system….but when it comes to getting the goats in for milking it gets very, very hard – and there's a simple reason for it; they all want to get milked first…and get breakfast first.
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Can You Stand Against the Giant?

In I Samuel 17:10, that giant Goliath said; “I defy (or challenge) the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together!”
This man was really challenging the people of God. But the word shows that all Israel “were dismayed (or confused) and greatly afraid.” (vs. 11)
Isn’t that how we so often seem to stand, even today? We see all of our problems as those great giants. We see ‘them’ as in control and not us. Therefore we don’t know what to do, and we fear what is to come.

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