Welch ein Freund ist unser Jesus!

I'm sure you know exactly what the title of this post means….even without knowing it.
I was so blessed when I ran into this song….Welch ein Freund ist unser Jesus…..or, in English, the well known hymn; What a friend we have in Jesus!
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Lily Tuesday – A Second Letter

"Morgen, Fraulein Paton!" the doctor's cheerful grin greeted her the next afternoon as she was pulling a hurried dinner together.
"Doctor!" Lily spun round to him, "You weren't here for breakfast! You had me and Mama worried!"
The doctor bowed, "Vorgeeve mich, Fraulein," he smiled, "Alles Morgen….sehr beezee. Ztwo voman mit Kind und ein Mann hat ein sehr batt cough…"
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CL……shiver! shiver!….

Well! PRAISE THE LORD! Maybe I can get back to posting and blogging, and writing, and music and all these things that interest me! 🙂 I've been so low. 😦 Besides some stressing problems that have been going on lately I've had this terrible burden over me….a lot like a huge dark cloud constantly there that I've tried to ignore.

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Beekeeping, Honey, and Secret Blessings

Hey everyone!
Well….besides the garden, canning, pickling, and painting we've been doing we've had this looming task of…………

……sticky, honey extraction hanging over our heads. It's so strange how little we appreciate the blessings the Lord gives us.
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Lily Tuesday – What next?

Lily found herself staring up at the drooping, cloth ceiling of their tent home in Atlanta, late in the wee hours of the night – not too many days after she sent her letter off to her friend Katie back in Cuttersville.
She pulled her covers up closer around her neck and tried to stop shivering. It was so cold at night in late November – even as far south as Atlanta was!
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Sonntag Heilige Schrift

Guten Morgen!
I'm sorry I've been away from the blogging world. Painting has taken up my time this week….as has trying to keep the house clean, writing Lily, and sending out copies of The Solid Rock Testimoy, among other things.
But here is my first post this week…and I intend on posting more through the week! Even if I have to write all the posts in one day I have time and scheduel them!
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