About Me

Just a short introduction….


 I am a young lady, in my early twenties, seeking and finding my total life and fulfillment in

Jesus Christ – My Beloved.

I’ve come to know Him in a very deep way since He revealed Himself to me in late 2009

and I have experienced Him as my Life, my Breath, my Food, my Drink – my All.

Everything I do is bound up in the fact that He dwells within me,

and everything I do is a result of His Life flowing through me,

I standing as an earthly vessel for this Living Water He pours out so abundantly on those who

love and live for Him.

 I am by no means a perfect person, but He is perfect within me.

I have faults and so many shortcomings.

But He has overcome this world.

This world within and without me.

I used to fear myself, and the evil flesh I have been born with;

I was fearful of the knowledge that nothing I could do would ever make me ‘good enough’.

I struggled with being a Christian.

 But that fear has vanished.

I still struggle, yes, so much sometimes.

But fear and fightings only come in the world – and in this world that I bear about in my body.

The flesh world of sin I was born into.

Dwelling in Jesus, walking in the Light of His Life,

surrendering myself as His vessel alone and nothing more,

allowing Him to use and mold me to be more perfectly fit for His use,

nothing can trouble me here.

With my Beloved.

I’ve already listed the most important thing about myself…

and you’ll probably learn a lot more things about me by reading my blog.

 But…I enjoy reading other bloggers’ ‘about me’ pages so much

– and it seems to orient me so well to their blog and writing style –

that I’ve decided to go ahead and do a bigger little page of my own…if not for anything but fun! 🙂

So…here goes….

 To put everything shortly,

if you stick around my blog enough, you’ll probably find that I’m a very


I love things in order,

I don’t talk much,

but I can write a lot,

I’m slow to share things….

unless I’m writing them, then I am in danger of sharing too much.

 I love to write

fiction ~

and I love everything

that has anything to do with homemaking

– whether that be cleaning, sewing, cooking, planning meals, doing dishes, doing laundry,

caring for children, organizing furniture, dusting, polishing, canning, freezing, baking, making bread, running a home dairy, gardening, writing cards, entertaining guests, or blogging. 🙂

 I love farming

~ as much or even more than writing ~

and I firmly believe in living life as simply as possible…and not buying things you can’t make or grow

unless you have to!

 I can speak some German, but read it a lot better, and have given up on Spanish,

though one day I do hope to learn Greek.

 I can sew tolerably – us girls all sew our own clothes – but I’m not much into

fancy stitching, crochet, or knitting…but I will crochet if I have to.

 I love to play the violin and piano and I love to sing.

I am learning the guitar and want to learn the mandolin.

I love bluegrass gospel

and I love eating pickles.

Now…anything else I guess you could learn from my blog. 🙂

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, my friend.
    I was looking through some of your past posts to see if I could find what denomination you subscribe to, but I could not find it. Would you mind me asking what denomination you and your family is?


    • No, I don’t mind you asking. 🙂 People ask us this question – and many others – quite often. 🙂
      We don’t actually belong to any church/denomination.
      We feel that if one believes in Jesus and is truly seeking to serve Him then he/she is already a member of His Body, and there is no reason to form schisms in the unity of His Church by joining to denominations.
      Hmmm…I’m trying not to let this sound confusing. 🙂 Hope this clarifies.

      • Thank you for being open about that, Ms. Lyons. It does clarify a bit. Another question that I have would be where do you go for worship on the Sabbath? Are there others in your community that identify in the same way, or do you independently attend a congregation that identifies with a traditional denomination? The reason that I ask is that I identify in a similar way that you seem to, but I feel rather alone in my community.

      • We occasionally visit other churches, but we share your feeling of aloneness! We worship mostly at home, just our family, but – especially my sister and I – have fellowship with believers, dear sisters, over our blogs and Facebook and emails. The Lord Jesus has brought us very close to sisters, one in particular, so far away as Australia! Sharing our convictions and thoughts with them has helped us incredibly.
        Physical fellowship with like-minded believers has long been a desire of ours, but one that doesn’t seem to be the Lord’s will to fulfill.

      • Not at all. I have a hard time identifying myself as anything other that a devout follower of Jesus. I find that is very easy for us to fall into the trap of finding our identity in a denomination and pledging allegiance to the denomination rather to the Messiah.

        With that said, I attend a Messianic Jewish congregation (although I am not Jewish myself). I find great value and many blessings in studying the Word of God from a Jewish perspective.

        I find myself attracted to certain aspects of different denominations like the Amish due to their sense of modesty, hard work and community, but I disagree with some of their theology.

        Oops. Went on a ramble there, sorry. Did that answer your question?

      • Thank you, and yes it did. 🙂
        I so agree with it being too easy to find oneself being more loyal to the denomination than to the Master. And I loved how you say you are a devout follower of Jesus; that is truly the only way to be.
        People ask so often who we are/what we represent and all we have to give them is Jesus. What more is needed? Jesus is all and in all; everything.
        I say He is my Life, Breath, Food, and Drink and indeed He is so fully everything I need.
        Brother, you will have to share with me sometime the blessings you find amidst the Jewish outlook. I have some friends who are messianic and they are lovely people.
        I do struggle with how they tend to separate believers though. Instead of being all members of one Body, the Body of Christ, we are divided between Jew and Gentile; and those who are required to still follow the law, and those who aren’t.
        I feel so strongly that this division isn’t what The Lord wants for His people.
        But here I am rambling too. 🙂
        And about the Amish/Mennonite people. I love their way of life as well. The strong ties of family and community and the determination in following their convictions blesses me. But like you said some of their beliefs I can’t agree with.
        I pray I haven’t talked too much.

        The Lord Jesus bless you, brother.

        In Him;

      • I just thought I would drop a note here, Mr. Stafford, since I thought this would be the beat way to contact you, to tell you that I accepted your request to view my writing blog. It’s not really a “private” site; I just started it as an attempt to separate my writing from my other posts, but it was futile. 🙂 so I “retired” it by taking it out of search and making it private.
        It was rather short lived and not really “me” so to speak, but I hope you enjoy looking through it.

        In Him;

      • Same here, Mr. Stafford. I thank Jesus for bringing believers together for His glory and the edification of His Body.
        I enjoy reading your writings too.

        In Yeshua;

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