Fierce was the wild billow….

Fierce was the wild billow, dark was the night,
Oars labored heavily, foam glimmered white;
Trembled the mariners, Peril was nigh;
Then said the God of God:
“Peace, it is I!” “Peace, it is I!”
Ridge of the mountain-wave, Lower thy crest!
Wail of the western wind, Be thou at rest!
Sorrow can never be, Darkness must fly,
Where saith the Light of Light: 
“Peace, it is I!” “Peace, it is I!”
Jesus, Deliverer, Come Thou to me;
Soothe Thou my voyaging over life’s sea;
Then, when the storm of death roars, sweeping by,
Whisper, Thou Truth of Truth:
“Peace, it is I!” Peace, it is I!”
Anatolius of Consantanople, 7th Century

Happy Birthday, Carra!

Happy Birthday!!!
To a very special girl in my life.
My sweet and precious sister,

I am blessed and honored to have you for my sister,
The Lord Jesus is a wonderful Father to us all, and He has 
given us you, His child, as a part of our earthly family – 
and as a part of our family through Him.
Which is even, even more special!
Dear sister,
I love you, and thank Jesus for this special blessing
and gift which you are to us all.

I love you!
And Happy Birthday!!
Carra’s birthday was Wednesday, but due to work and all we’re celebrating it today. 🙂

An Update!

I’ve been away from my blog for quite some time! 
Things have been going rather differently than expected at this time of year,
but I am thankful for everything the Lord brings our way.
It is always a sign of His Love and Presence in us, 
and always a way of drawing us closer to Himself;
if we allow it to be!
Lately, we’ve taken on a job for a city a county over from us.
Its a construction job (of course!) and we’ve been working there about a 
week now. 
We leave early (as in the picture above; we try to leave out by 8am).

And we get home around 6pm or later.

It is interesting – I may repeat, very interesting – to be from the 
country and to work in the city;
its like entering another world! 🙂

Here is the house we’re working on.

The biggest jobs involved are taking out these sliding doors the 
former owners had installed everywhere
and closing them in/replacing them.

Like this. 

And like from this…

to this. 
This will get sheetrock over it and painted (the whole room will be painted)
before we are through.

Painting is a big part of the job.

We’ve been using only rollers and brushes.

And then a lot of minor jobs…like replacing bathroom vanities;
retexturing ceilings, mudding cracks and holes in the walls.

Taking up shrubbery, pouring concrete, and cutting down trees.

We’re very thankful for electricity and running water here! 🙂
We can eat good, wholesome foods – even at work! – and have fresh 
water to boil for hot tea.

And the thing I am most, most thankful for in all this is the ability 
to all work together as a family. 
That is something very special and precious to me. 
It is such a blessing to have a family that loves me, and to know that 
we love being together – most of the time! 😉
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all your blessings!
I will try to post here more often, if the Lord allows!!