New Adventures and a Simple Lesson

I have never considered myself a very “quick” person. I learn – and comprehend – things very slowly.
I also have very little confidence, which is, indirectly, a reason why I take so long to learn things. I’m afraid I’ll make some mistake, or mess something up, or hurt something. So I don’t just avoid doing things, unless I know exactly what I’m doing.


Just now, at work, I finished putting up all the receptacle/switch covers and then remembered Mama had mentioned that the bathroom lights needed put up.
I have never bothered with putting up lights. It’s just one of those things I figure I can’t do.
Granted, even today, I didn’t do any wiring, and these lights are almost too simple, but I did put it up without any thoughts on “what if I mess up?” Or “what if its not right?”
I just did it.

I have been praying a lot today and seeking The Lord. Not particularly about work, but just about my life in general.
Putting up this light He showed me again how focusing on Him – on His Will, His Way – allows us to think less of ourselves, our inabilities, to pity and worry about ourselves less, and allows Him to work through us, even in day to day life on things as simple as putting up a light.

He can become everything to us, day by day, if we keep our hearts and minds on Him, and our eyes focused on His Way – the strait and narrow way before us.


An Update!

I’ve been away from my blog for quite some time! 
Things have been going rather differently than expected at this time of year,
but I am thankful for everything the Lord brings our way.
It is always a sign of His Love and Presence in us, 
and always a way of drawing us closer to Himself;
if we allow it to be!
Lately, we’ve taken on a job for a city a county over from us.
Its a construction job (of course!) and we’ve been working there about a 
week now. 
We leave early (as in the picture above; we try to leave out by 8am).

And we get home around 6pm or later.

It is interesting – I may repeat, very interesting – to be from the 
country and to work in the city;
its like entering another world! 🙂

Here is the house we’re working on.

The biggest jobs involved are taking out these sliding doors the 
former owners had installed everywhere
and closing them in/replacing them.

Like this. 

And like from this…

to this. 
This will get sheetrock over it and painted (the whole room will be painted)
before we are through.

Painting is a big part of the job.

We’ve been using only rollers and brushes.

And then a lot of minor jobs…like replacing bathroom vanities;
retexturing ceilings, mudding cracks and holes in the walls.

Taking up shrubbery, pouring concrete, and cutting down trees.

We’re very thankful for electricity and running water here! 🙂
We can eat good, wholesome foods – even at work! – and have fresh 
water to boil for hot tea.

And the thing I am most, most thankful for in all this is the ability 
to all work together as a family. 
That is something very special and precious to me. 
It is such a blessing to have a family that loves me, and to know that 
we love being together – most of the time! 😉
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all your blessings!
I will try to post here more often, if the Lord allows!! 

What happened yesterday

Yesterday was a very big day….
We went up north to pick up our last two additions. 
Two, weaned, disbudded, and vaccinated registered Saanen doelings.
We praise the Lord Jesus for them, and thank Him that He led us 
to a wonderful farm. 
It is very special to meet people who care for each animal individually.
That's how Carra and I want to run our little outfit. 

Turn the Page please…..


Greetings everyone after a rather long period of silence. 🙂 I had a lot of posts to post but…a big storm around here has made things hard to keep in order – and with the electric off I’ve been unable to manage anything on my computer. 

Am I thankful for this spinning fan?

Tuesday night at about 1:19 or so I woke up to the sounds of banging. I thought it was five or five thirty. Groaning inside I turned over in bed so I could see my bedroom door – Carra would be in any minute, that was her bedroom door I heard shut. Suddenly I realized it was pouring rain…”well, Carra,” thought I, “what’s the sense in getting up – we can’t go out to do chores in this weather.” I heard another bang and my phone lit up on it’s stand near by door. “What’s she doing that for?” I picked my head up off the pillow, “She think that phone light’ll wake me up? It’s awful dim.” Straining my eyes through the darkness (plus the fog of astigmatisim and extreme nearsightedness) I never saw Carra. “Hmm…must be mad at me for some reason,” thought I, “She didnt’ even say anything. Just came in the door, hit a button on the phone and left.” A crash of thunder outside shook me. That phone came on from a lightning strike! All at once a loud thump on the roof above me shook the house around me and sent me flying out of bed, “Carra, Carra, Carra!” I hollared, tripping over the dog who had been sleeping in my room as I made an escape to my bedroom door. Lightning was pouring in endlessly through my bedroom windows, and thunder was crashing like cannon constantly, drowning my words. “What!” I heard Carra’s responce as I tore my bedroom door open, “I can’t see you! What!” Suddenly it struck me (as I flipped light switches on and off) – the power was out. Carra and I finally made contact and we made our way toward the front of the house where Mama and Daddy had both found their way too. It wasn’t five or five thirty; it was a little after one. Besides the large branch that had fallen over my bedroom, there was a huge, leafy corpse lying extended some hundred feet or so down our drive way. Rain was pouring, thunder and lightning was non-stop (did I mention that yet? 🙂 ), and the wind was raging at 70 – 80 mph. I’ve never seen wind bending trees like it was Wednesday morning. Meanwhile we all sat huddled in the den with flashlights listening to the – needless to say, discouraging – weather forcast over our two way radio, praying for protection for our family and everyone else caught in the path of this storm.

We were able to go back to bed in less than an hour, as the wind calmed down, but I think we probably all had a difficult time falling to sleep or resting. We were all up between five and five thirty – going out with flash lights to see the dammage.
I won’t try to explain it all; a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here’s the leafy corpse I saw on our drive!

Several (five or six) trees took a beating


Our gerage got it. EEE!!!

We were out of power from early Wednesday morning through late Thursday – along with roughly 100 more families in our area.
But I don’t think we should complain too much. The Lord Jesus has blessed us in many ways and though most of our time was spent trying to find a way to have a hot cup of coffe and improvising for meals, we weren’t hurt by any trees falling on our home – and even our barn and livestock was spared. We live practically in the woods with huge trees very close to the house (more than one leaning towards the house and barn!), so we can be very thankful the Lord has kept these elderly trees in the ground!
Besides, those couple days were fun in their way.

Oil lamps – I love them

Our grill served as a slow way to heat our coffee water – for instant coffee –
the first day. A couple friends of our brought us a whole – much appreciated – meal
that day. 🙂

The second day another friend of ours inspired us to be pioneers
and build a camp fire

Carra caught supper out of our pond and I warmed up the sides

She even cleaned the fish – yuk!

Then we ate – I’m starving, can you tell? 🙂

And we ate some more 🙂

It might have been tiring

And had it’s inconviences – but it was fun all the same 🙂

Thursday night Daddy got to eat his supper at home
in the LIGHT after coming home from work. 🙂
Thank Jesus!

So, blessings out of mishaps?

“O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise.”
Psalm 108:1