A journal of Saturday


Well, I was planning a more in-depth post, so to speak, of our Saturday adventures, but I was obliged to move all the pictures from my phone beforehand and now have only a few, besides the fact that it is late, I am tired, and have a headache!

So, I think I’ll follow the example of some of my blogging friends and do a journal-type post with only a few pictures – more precisely, with just one picture.

The biggest thing that happened today was selling our eldest doe, Joy Mary, to a very friendly animal-loving gentleman from down the road. We’ve had her for sale for a spell, but those who showed interest in her we did not feel comfortable selling her to. We’re very particular about our girls’ homes, especially our milkers and the ones we know best.
We were giving up on selling her, feeling we’d rather keep her than sell her to an unknowledgable person who mightn’t respect her, but this evening The Lord Jesus sent a warm-hearted man who has had goats all his life and who was really excited about getting Joy. ❤ praise The Lord! His blessing are so sweet, and so small sometimes; just little things throughout our days to allow us a little joy to press on.

Otherwise, my day consisted of;

Milk Processing
Fecal testing
Planting watermelon, Hubbard squash, banana pepper, and chamomile in our hill and "garage" garden
Making yogurt
Making cajeta
Making a venison roast for tomorrow
Making a double batch of lavender/rosehip soap
Supper (sausage burgers with tomato gravy, baked beans, and potato and macoroni salads; Mama and K mainly made those dishes)
Dishes and clean up
Evening chores
And then the fellow coming for Joy

A full day, but a restful day and an emotional refreshing after the strain of the week.
Our vehicles are doing a bit better, by the way. I thank The Lord for that! The family van is at the shop, Daddy replaced the tires on the work van, and re-did the breaks on the standard. So, we're driving again, anyhow! Phew!

I pray everyone had a blessed Saturday.
Very much looking forward to the rest of the Lord's Day.

Goodnight! (or morning, depending on hemisphere! 🙂 )

The Lord’s Day

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”

Psalm 121:1

Yesterday was such a beautiful Lord’s Day that I must share it with you all.

Usually on the Lord’s Day we make a special effort not to do any kind of labor that is not especially required (such as chores, cooking dishes, and sometimes laundry). We aren’t legalistic about what to do or what not to do – sometimes we even make an exception and sell/buy something on the Lord’s Day – but we try to set aside a special day for Jesus; especially from the usual work and labor of the week (like cleaning house, doing yard work, working on our jobs/paper work for our jobs, even usually sewing or doing things like making soap etc. – you get the idea.)

Yesterday was a special day for all of us, though. We have visitors coming next Saturday and will be working all week, so only able to fit in preparations for their visit late in the evenings when we come home and are so tired. So yesterday, even if it was the Lord’s Day, we did a little special sewing and a few other things.

And enjoyed it. 🙂 I think the important thing about reverencing the Lord’s Day is that we set it aside for Him. If we do have to work, it should be something that is not all-consuming; something we can set aside if need be, and something we can enjoy as we do it.

And I don’t think I have to mention how much we enjoy sewing, cheesemaking, trying new things, cooking, or anything else that pertains to homemaking. 😀


Of course we had our usual chores.

We have begun weaning our seven bottle babies, so even with the cow drinking two gallons a day we’re getting much more fresh, delicious, rich goats’ milk than we can ever use!

We’re keeping most of the milk in the mornings and making cheese out of it in preparation for Saturday – as well as making soap and hopefully later this week we’ll get to make Mama some cajeta! 🙂 She loves caramel. 🙂

We did have a sad side of chores yesterday morning though.


Excuse the bad picture, but this is trying to show the eggshells and feathers we found from our destroyed hen and her brood of 20 or so eggs. Some varmint got in the barn last night and busted up all the eggs with chicks in them and made off with the hen as well. Needless to say, this was very discouraging.


The cheesemaking as well was discouraging.

Simple mozzarella gone wrong. Sigh…. Just wasn’t our day I guess. We accidentally left the curd too long in the rennet while we were dressing and preparing for morning services. It was difficult to cut and stretching was impossible. But still, its cheese. It mightn’t be mozzarella  but its cheese and we’ll enjoy it on onion sandwiches – or maybe even pizza! 😀


The rest of the day, however, was a quiet joy.

(Excuse the tiny pictures; Iphone has its own mind sometimes….)

We went out and picked roses and lemon balm to try our hand at essential oils and Daddy showed us the plants he’s been working on in his spare time.


We both enjoyed wearing our new dresses we finished Saturday. 🙂



The roses and lemon balm were cut up, bruised and cooked for long hours in olive oil in the oven and crock pot.

We poured it up into jars last night but did not remove the leaves.

We’ll do that today, Lordwilling, and see how it turns out. Our roses were not very aromatic, but it did smell ok by the time it was done cooking but the lemon balm oil smelled much better!

While that was cooking we had a nice, sweet visit with some very dear friends, the Clarkes. They visit about once every two weeks and buy eggs from us and we sit and chat and exchange plants. 🙂 Daddy and Mrs. Clarke are both very avid gardeners. 🙂


Daddy came down to the barn in the evening and helped us block off the remaining broody hen’s nest with all her eggs in it. She had deserted them and was laying on new ones. All we can do is pray that the older ones weren’t chilled; we put them back under her.

It was a blessing having Daddy down at the barn last night. He’s not all that involved in the animals – goats aren’t his favorite four-leggers 🙂 – but I think he really saw the work and love we put into the animals last night; we stood around at least a half hour just petting the goats and talking about their individualities.

It was a lovely evening.


Before evening service we cut up the batch of soap we made Saturday. (Its the batch in the front). Our supplies are supposed to come Tuesday. I can’t wait – we’ll be soapmaking like crazy then! 🙂


After service we finished the evening with a family movie time; Abbot and Cosetllo’s Who done it? 

It was a special time we all enjoyed together – and the movie was great. 😀

I love my family, and I love the times we spend together – surrounded by the things we love and the animals we love and the things we love to do.

At home.

Five Minute Friday


A blog idea where you pick a subject and write about it for five minutes.

Simple, huh?

I got the idea from my dear sister, Carra, and have decided to try to implement it onto my blog – some, if not most Fridays…we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

My first topic for Five-Minute-Friday is the one who gave me the idea, my sister, Carra. 🙂

So, here are my five-minute thoughts about my sister, Carra. 🙂

These are out-of-order, as you can see, but I decided to leave them they way they are.

The added-in thoughts are in italics.


  • Loves to crochet. {She has crocheted some of the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen. I think, if she were back in France in the 18th century, someone would track her down and pay her some very fine fortune to make lace for the Versailles – sounds silly, but I really mean it!}
  • Loves to help others – even to a fault at times. {Sweet Carra, before you protest, you must confess, helping has gotten you into some…well….. 😀 }
  • Is out going – she drags me to things that are really very good for us, but that I’d otherwise shun if not for her willingness to try something new. {Like…ahem…that small ruminant convention up in western NC. I would have never gone if not for K. Thanks, sissy!}
  • Loves to cook – Oh! does she love to cook! {Cakes, sweets, main dishes, side dishes, dessert dishes – anything that’s difficult and complicated is game for her!}
  • Decorates cakes. {Lovely. And someone’s birthday is coming up…time to start thinking and having fun with sugar and color again!}
  • Can figure math in her head like a whiz. 🙂 I don’t even try to compete (unless I have a calculator! 🙂
  • Will drive us places, even if she doesn’t particularly want to drive, because she knows I don’t like to drive. {Isn’t she so sweet – but you should tell me when you don’t want to drive more, sissy! I’ll drive for you.}
  • Is very giving; she’ll give her time, her effort, her things, her work to others with so much love. {Crocheted afgahns, blankets, tablecoths (and these aren’t cheap gifts if you were to buy them!}
  • Loves farming. I think that’s her truest love in life (apart from her service to her Savior!) is her farming. She loves working with the goats, dreams of farming a cattle dairy with hundreds of cows, loves the hard, hot work, the quiet days.
  • Loves to read. {When she has a good book you can hardly tear her from it!}
  • Loves to write poems.
  • Loves to play music. {Piano, Violin, and singing; she has a beautiful singing voice.}
  • Loves to meet new people.
  • Loves. {She loves to just love people; her family and friends, people in need. One day this gift will be used, sissy! Just trust Jesus for it!} 

And that’s one of my two very dear sisters in a five-minute nutshell. 🙂

 Love you bunches, K!

Homemade Goodness

I love yogurt. Actually most of us do, in our family! 🙂 we love it with fruit, or sugar/honey, or just plain. But we don’t like buying it from the store – no more than we like buying our milk, eggs, or bread there.
We have made yogurt before. But we were not very pleased with the results. It turned out very runny and sour after a night in the oven.
But last night The Lord blessed us to get a wonderful recipe from our dairy-farm friend.
We mixed up a batch this morning, and it incubated through the day as we worked. It was delicious plain and with peaches this evening after we came home. Delicious, a nice consistency, and not too sour.
We’re so thankful for this healthy, new recipe – and a way to use our fresh goats’ milk! Praise the Lord Jesus for these little blessings!





Thankful Thursday

“With my whole heart have I sought Thee: O let me not wander from Thy commandments.”
Psalm 119:10
Its almost the end of another week. I’m looking forward to the weekend – mainly because we’ll be able (Lordwilling) to stay home from work and not worry whether or not the girls are going to throw us a trick kidding! 
But, even with the early signs we’ve been seeing of the does getting ready to give birth and all the hard work at the job, its been a great week. 
Let me qualify that. Yesterday I wrote in my diary that it had been an awful week. Today I’m saying its been a great week. I guess because, I’ve had a chance to sit back and think about the week – and I really have lots to be thankful for. Too many things to be thankful for in this week to say its been awful
Its so easy to look back, in review, and see why we should have been thankful, happy – even over joyed! – when we were really very frustrated, upset, unhappy, or dissatisfied. 
If only I could learn to trust the Lord Jesus – in the moment – and not just for my general life. Its so simple to trust Him for our lives, our futures…. We know He has us all in His loving care. But to really step back, out of a present difficult situation, and pray and give it over to the Lord Jesus as it is happening
What freedom would then be ours!
For this Thankful Thursday I can only list a few of the many things I am thankful for.
(This post would grow tedious if I listed them all! 🙂 
So, I am thankful this week for;
  •  Princess’ kidding not coming too fast. (She’s the girl that’s been keeping us on our toes!)
  • For last night’s work at the barn with my sister. After working all day at the job, we came home and mucked out two stalls (after moving all the lumber out of it that was set up for the repairs). It was hard work – especially in the dark – but it was great to just work with K on our farm. 
  • The cabinets being done at the job. After all the many coats of paint, the hinges are on, the doors are up, the knobs are on and they look great (even if I say of ourselves 🙂 Our job coordinator stopped by yesterday and said he “really likes” the cabinets. Praise the Lord Jesus!
  • I’m thankful for good food. Daddy made up a quick vegetable soup Tuesday night and we had it yesterday at the job with cornbread. (Brought the homemade mix and I made them up at work – that’s another thing to be thankful for; the working stove there. )
  • And I’m thankful for the cold weather. Its not comfortable – especially for the kiddings coming up – but its great to have the ground hard frozen again after two years of warm winters. Thank the Lord!

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Cranberry Pie

Every year now we buy packages of fresh cranberries and make our own 
cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.
Naturally, its not the strained, jellied kind, but its just as good, much more healthy, and wonderfully homemade. 
Apart from cranberry sauce, however, we haven’t ever though of doing anything different
with these papery, tart berries….
until this year. 
Ever since I was a very young girl I have been oh! so thankful for libraries. 
They are a complete gold mine of buried treasures for the young mind seeking to expand its horizons,
for the writer desperately needing facts to complete her story, 
for the homemaker needing tips on housekeeping, sewing, gardening, farming….
or cooking.
With our last visit to the wonderful library the Lord has allowed the near-by county to have,
(you know, some counties don’t have libraries worth speaking of….),
the Lord allowed me to chance by the interesting title of;
The Fannie Farmer Baking Book
I picked it up and gave it to K, because she’s the one who’s so interested in baking…
(cakes etc.).
as it turns out it not only had cakes etc, in this cook book, it is also 
packed full of recipes for pies, cookies, breads (sweet and savory) and anything else you could 
think of that would be deemed ‘baked good’.
And best of all, its an old-fashioned style, simple-type cookbook, without all the fancy, up-to-date
language, pictures etc. (though I do love a cookbook with pictures. :).
In it we found a delicious recipe for this Cranberry Pie…the first we ever heard of,
as well as a wonderful, wonderful recipe for a pie crust 
(that was not the sweet, short-cut, press-in crust we have been using).
Almost everyone at Thanksgiving was convinced this was a cherry pie. 🙂
And cranberries are so, so healthy for you too!
I think if the crust was made with part wheat flour this would be a tremendously nutritious recipe.
Cranberry Pie
Pie dough enough for a 9″ two-crust pie
3/4 cup sugar (we used honey)
1/3 cup flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup water
2/1/2 cups whole cranberries (you can also use whole cranberry sauce, or fresh, frozen cranberries – just don’t thaw the berries before using)
2 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup lemon juice (I would use less lemon – 1/4 to 1/2 or so maybe)
Preheat oven to 425* F.
Line a 9″ pie pan with half the rolled out dough, then roll out the remaining dough, as for a top crust, and cut strips for a lattice top. 
Combine the sugar (or honey), flour salt, and water in a heavy-bottomed sauce pan and mix well. Place over medium heat and cook for three minutes, stirring constantly until thick and smooth. {The flour will work fast, so watch it carefully; use a whisk to stir, and you may have to remove it from the heat every so often to keep it from getting lumpy.}
Add the cranberries and cook, stirring for one minute more. { You may have to cook for longer, depending on what sort of berries you used; we used our berries we had frozen, so it took longer to heat them up and start them cracking – don’t mash them. }
Remove from heat and stir in the butter and lemon juice. Spoon the mixture into pie shell. Arrange the lattice strips on top. Bake for about 12 minutes, or until nicely browned. 
Serve warm.
“Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.”
Proverbs 16:8

Thanksgiving Day

After days of cleaning, cooking…
and of course a lot of fun in preparing….
Turkey took a bath before it jumped in the oven. 🙂
Daddy tested recipes for us. 🙂 😉 
Pumpkin Dinner Rolls – love this new recipe and pray everyone else did to! 🙂
Carra baked a special, marble Chocolate cake and decorated it. 
We even moved our new stove in and hooked it up where the dryer goes so
we could bake the turkey and do other things too!
If you think this is a smokey picture….
it is…
the cake cooked-over and spilled onto the element!
WOW did we have smoke! 🙂
Turkey Day was finally here! 
We spent the day at home
visiting with our two sisters and brother-in-laws, and our nephew and his family.
(I wonder if this was too painful for K….maybe I should have cut the cake? 🙂
It isn’t usual we all get together at one time.
So it was special to all get together and enjoy a big, healthy meal, good talk,
and each other’s company! 
I thank the Lord Jesus for these opportunities to visit and enjoy our family here on earth. 
We even got to give the boys a little lesson in milking! 🙂 
But…Turkey Day has come and gone already!
Its over all too soon!
For another year….
“Rejoice evermore.

Pray without ceasing.
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
I Thess. 5:16-18

May we do this today….
and everyday!

In over-drive….

I guess we were in pre-Thanksgiving mode today.
As if we aren’t going to have enough cooking to do with Thursday 
coming up far too fast,
we spent most of the day today in the kitchen….
making sweet treats for our friends (and ourselves 🙂 and mixing up a nice 
hot pot of curried pumpkin soup.
(Recipe to come. 🙂
Carra has been dreaming of making tartlets for our 
friends round town here.
She originally had the idea of mini-chicken pot pies, but as it turns out
sweets won out again….
now our kitchen is surrounded by mini pecan pies and pumpkin pies,
as well as a couple large pumpkin pies. 🙂
These are delicious, K. 🙂
Thanks so much for making them!
(the teapot in the background is one Carra picked up at the fundraiser 
yardsale Saturday. Works wonderfully. 🙂

Pumpkin Tartlets.
I think pumpkin would have to be my favorite pie.
Pumpkin minus the whipped topping too! 🙂
More pumpkin….
yummy pumpkin…. 🙂
And for supper…
more pumpkin. 🙂
Pumpkin Curried Soup.
Carra and I love it! 🙂
How are ya’ll preparing for Thanksgiving?
Are you in over-drive yet? 🙂

If anyone is wondering about my blog-change, please look through the pages above and especially read “The Reason Why”
It should explain somewhat. 🙂 
I’ll probably do a post on it later.