Sonntag Heilige Schrifft

A special post for the One Who has claimed all my heart…
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Lily Tuesday – Walter Newman

"Maggie, bring me that basket please," Lily waited as her new sister pulled the over-flowing basket of dirty laundry out of the Patons' tent and over to where Lily was sorting.
"Heavy?" Lily smiled at the young black girl.
"A little," it was good to hear Maggie laugh as she strained to pick up the basket, "Oh! Clothes ca' be so heafy!"
Lily smiled and drug the basket closer, dumping its contents out on the cold, morning grass.
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Sonntag Heilige Schrift

This Sunday has been very different!
I've stayed off my computer and into my books….so I haven't found time to post. I guess I'm a little late now…at nine pm…for most of y'all to read this tonight. But…I guess for those of you who will be reading it tomorrow you can change the name to "Montag Heilige Schrift" 🙂
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Sonntag Heilige Schrift

After a spiritual blessing….a time of communion with our Father….is it not always common to suffer a dark time? To seem to fall from the mountain into the valley and wander there alone?

So often I look at my life as an up-and-down, mountain-valley experience. But what causes me to suffer spiritually after I leave the secret place with Him? What causes me to fall into the valley and grope for even a little of the light that seems now to have vanished?
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The end of another week…

It's the end of another week.
The end of another fleeting moment in millions of lives.
Yet we speak of it freely; we wear away the moments that pass….as if another week is inevitable – we take each moment of our lives for granted. 
The end of another week.
What does this mean to me?

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Lily Tuesday – A Struggle

"I will be in Atlanta the first day of January…."

"Mama!" Lily stuffed the letter into her apron pocket again and ran outside to find her mother….she had just left the tent a quarter hour ago to start breakfast, "Mama!"
Lily stopped short….Mama was no where to be found….the fire was kindled; the spider, filled with fatback and beans simmered in the coals….but Mama was gone!
"Fraulein Paton?" the doctor emerged from his own tent, "Dein Mutter geht zu dem Johnsons'," he nodded in the direction of the tent that met the Patons on the opposite side, "Frau Johnson's zon ist vefer, 'gain," he smiled, "Dein Mutter gut nurse, ja?"
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