A journal of Saturday


Well, I was planning a more in-depth post, so to speak, of our Saturday adventures, but I was obliged to move all the pictures from my phone beforehand and now have only a few, besides the fact that it is late, I am tired, and have a headache!

So, I think I’ll follow the example of some of my blogging friends and do a journal-type post with only a few pictures – more precisely, with just one picture.

The biggest thing that happened today was selling our eldest doe, Joy Mary, to a very friendly animal-loving gentleman from down the road. We’ve had her for sale for a spell, but those who showed interest in her we did not feel comfortable selling her to. We’re very particular about our girls’ homes, especially our milkers and the ones we know best.
We were giving up on selling her, feeling we’d rather keep her than sell her to an unknowledgable person who mightn’t respect her, but this evening The Lord Jesus sent a warm-hearted man who has had goats all his life and who was really excited about getting Joy. ❤ praise The Lord! His blessing are so sweet, and so small sometimes; just little things throughout our days to allow us a little joy to press on.

Otherwise, my day consisted of;

Milk Processing
Fecal testing
Planting watermelon, Hubbard squash, banana pepper, and chamomile in our hill and "garage" garden
Making yogurt
Making cajeta
Making a venison roast for tomorrow
Making a double batch of lavender/rosehip soap
Supper (sausage burgers with tomato gravy, baked beans, and potato and macoroni salads; Mama and K mainly made those dishes)
Dishes and clean up
Evening chores
And then the fellow coming for Joy

A full day, but a restful day and an emotional refreshing after the strain of the week.
Our vehicles are doing a bit better, by the way. I thank The Lord for that! The family van is at the shop, Daddy replaced the tires on the work van, and re-did the breaks on the standard. So, we're driving again, anyhow! Phew!

I pray everyone had a blessed Saturday.
Very much looking forward to the rest of the Lord's Day.

Goodnight! (or morning, depending on hemisphere! 🙂 )

A note on the many changes….

Its about 11:45am here, and Carra and I are waiting around this morning in order to make it to our dentist appointment at 1:00 this afternoon.
We've actually had a rather eventful morning…..
with chores, cleaning up, breakfast, and seeing Mama and Daddy off to work.

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Friday Photos

(Another two posts in a day! – please don't forget the first post of the day about the trip Wednesday! 🙂

I decided to go ahead an post this now, since I really need off this machine and in bed or something. 😦

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Good morning everyone! It is a very cold morning this morning – with a frosty white shimmering off the ground and heavy fog hanging over the hay field.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, it was not quite so cold. But still we had frost and could've taken some very pretty pictures to show you if we weren't quite taken up by cooking.
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Die Woche

Hey everyone! This is the beginning of my weekly journal. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it.
I’ve been busy doing a lot of cooking, housework, and writing this week. Just everyday things.

But the weekend has been different as today my sister, Daddy, and I went on a fishing trip to a friend’s pond. I’m not much into fishing – I used to be but now…well…anyway. 🙂 Daddy and Carra caught a good mess of fish – some pretty big bream. We have them in the freezer now but will probably eat them early next week.
I caught one fish – by accident. I was holding Carra’s rod for her and BAM! I caught a fish! 🙂
For the most part though I enjoyed just sitting on the bank under the towering pine trees writing letters to friends and taking in the fresh freedom of the Lord’s creation. It was very enjoyable – therre’s nothing I like better than a walk through the woods, or sitting out in the wilderness praying or writing.
I wish Mama could’ve come; she would’ve enjoyed it. But…busy Mama as she is, she stayed home and cleaned closets. She’ll be having an extra good day tomorrow though, Lordwilling, on Mama’s Day. 🙂
After our fishing trip we rode over to a place where a neighbor keeps some of his cows and took pictures. We have an Astro van and I sit in the far back – maybe you can call me a hermit – where I can’t hear anybody and they can’t hear me. While we bumped through the pasture watching the resting cattle I shook my head. It’s amazing how cows can become such massive animals – and yet, laying there in the tall grass chewing their cud they looked more like happy puppy dogs. I love my Lord’s works in nature!
One day, if my dreams are anywhere near the Lord’s will for my life, I’d like to be happily married with as many children as my body can handle, and a huge farm – a dairy would suit me, I think. I like to day dream about this farm. I don’t think I can be happier anywhere than on a farm, surrounded by freedom of land, by the warmth of living animals who all depend on me for their care and survival, with a supportive, caring, Christian husband by my side and several children running around the yard.
So…these are just some of my idle thoughts I’ve been turning over in my brain this week. Hope I haven’t bored you!
The pictures are of our little fishing trip – hope you enjoy!

The pond

Our tackle

Part of our supper-to-be

Blackberry blossom

Carra, my sister

Daddy, putting a fish in our old basket