Thankful Thursday

“Quicken me, O Lord, for Thy Name’s sake:

for Thy righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.”

Psalm 143:11


This Thankful Thursday, I am thankful to my Lord Jesus for;

A herd of healthy goats numbering 31 head.

Fresh goats’ milk to drink and enjoy.

Homemade yogurt.

Spring coming – however slowly.

Warm coffee on cold mornings.


A truck to drive – even when the van goes out.


My story.

Thoughts on my story, even if I’m unable to write at the moment.


What are you thankful for today?


Thankful Thursday

I am thankful to The Lord Jesus this Thursday for;

The warm, spring days.
The still cool, winterish evenings.
Work days with my family.
The trip in town Wednesday, looking at the houses coming up for bid next week.
My diary.
Cameras to take pictures.



Well…I have tried.
I’ve wanted to write a blogpost; I truly have. I love keeping a blog, I love praying for a topic, writing a post, getting up pictures.
I tried to write one this morning at six-forty-five or so, I started another at about three-forty this evening. I’ve dug through my pictures, I have thoughts on a subject, I have an idea for the format.
But it just won’t come.
I can’t concentrate, I’m exhausted – not tired, exhausted – and I guess I have one of those terrible cases of the lazy-writer-syndrome. I’m aching all over from the week’s work at the job and from working the goats’ today, my allergies are acting up with this beautiful spring-like weather we’re having, my head hurts, my lips are chaffed from all the wind and are burning like fire, and we still have evening chores to do.
I should be writing in my barn records.
I should be writing some long-over-due letters I’ve been neglecting (for literally months; so much for loving writing!).
I should be working on my story.
I should be practicing piano or violin.
If I’m not going to do any of this writerly/musician type stuff…
I should be planning our garden.
I should be planting our herbs, carrots, onions, garlic, cabbage, lettuce, celery (which are already very late for getting in here in SC).
I should be cleaning our bathroom.
I should be unloading the dishwasher.
But I just don’t feel like it.
Anyone else ever feel that way?
I just don’t feel like doing anything.

Its one of those beautiful early spring days. Cool enough, with the breeze, to sometimes feel like you need a sweater, but warm enough, in the sun, to sometimes feel like you need to jump in the pond and go for a dip. The sun is coming and going, but the clouds aren’t bright and puffy – they’re more like rain clouds trying to all group together and create a nice storm. 
And its been a beautiful Saturday. 
  • Morning chores (includes feeding, watering, milking, bottle-feeding, checking on sickies, giving hay (and alfalfa), refilling water, straining and pasteurizing milk)
  • A family came to buy a couple kids; stayed about an hour. 
  • Doc came; TB, Brucellosis, and CAE tests done (filling in papers, catching and holding goats, drawing blood and doing the TB prick test on each one) plus sickies looked at and instructions given on care and meds for each.
  • Doc left; instructed meds given, goats let out, electric fence turned on.
  • Bread made (and since punched down, formed into loaves, baked, and frozen)
  • Cajeta cooked (and nearly burned, I should add πŸ™‚ 
  • Feta put on (and since cut, stirred, and strained)
  • Ten bales of hay taken down to the barn and stacked
  • Kid disbudded
  • Back home, laundry folded and dishes done. 

I love full days – at home, of course! πŸ™‚ Its not so fun in town or at the job.

And I especially love them when there’s time left over to sit down and work on my writing/music and do a little blogging. 
But for some reason, I couldn’t seem to come up with a blog post today!
Though, it seems the Lord has given me one despite my writer’s block. This is as well as any, I guess. 
A little complaining, a little content, a little disconcerted, a little happy. 
I should say a lot happy. πŸ™‚ 
So much has been done today – things still linger, needing finished, but the biggies are over with.
Especially all that testing on the herd; that’s been a big weight on my mind! We can’t drink our girls’ milk who haven’t been tested until we get the results back. (TB and Brucellosis can both be contracted by humans through drinking contaminated milk). Our older girls were tested last year, they’re due for another test but it’s been safe enough to drink their milk. We’re pretty sure the younger girls are clean (coming from clean herds), but we have to test. Its mandatory in our books! (And will really be once we’re an up-and-running dairy.) It feels so good to have the whole herd – including our buck – finally done. Now…just to pray for the results. 

I think I’ll skiddy off now and maybe we can get chores done in time for K and I to have a quiet evening watching a movie together and sipping tea. πŸ™‚
Orange-blossom tea….

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful to the Lord Jesus this week for;

His Word to read – even on my iPhone at work (despite my great dislike of ebooks in general).
Sisters and friends to talk with and pray with.
Relatively healthy goaties.
Highways to get to work on.
A sister who likes to drive.
Chapstick. (Where would we be without those nice sticks of petroleum jelly to rub on our burning lips chaffed from winter winds?)
Bluegrass Gospel music. (Happy sigh….)

Some Changes

Well, as you can see, I’ve made a few changes to my blog – again
I can’t seem to keep things the same…I change like…well, the weather! πŸ™‚ 
But seriously, the weather has been changing a lot lately.
Friday it was up in the 60’s, bright blue skies and sunshine, and then Saturday dark clouds hung
over the farm all day, cold rain turned to snow and by nightfall we had two to three inches all over the ground. 
Its been cold again today, but the sun was out so all our snow has melted away. πŸ™‚
Our hay field and the drive down to the barn was covered in snow this morning. 
It was beautiful walking down and enjoying the bright orange sunrise. 
I love it when it snows – but down here, thank the Lord! πŸ™‚ – it doesn’t stay too long.
Hmmm… I never knew I’d say that.

But anyways, on with the main purpose of this post. 
I have not been comfortable with the changes I made to my blog a few months back.
When I made those changes I was feeling a need to start more promotion for my 
story and writing; get the word out there more by blogging about it and linking to it from other sites.
The more I’ve gone on working with it however, trying to make it all fit, the more I 
continue to come up against this brick wall in my mind….
Its just not working. 
I can’t mix the two – my writing and my regular daily life – and expect to get the most out of both of them.
This morning I sat down and opened a second blog.
One that takes the old name of this blog (allowing my previous title to take back its rightful place!)
and will be solely about my journey in writing, about what the Lord Jesus teaches me in,
about my stories themselves, and the characters in them. 
I’ll still be posting about my story here from time to time – writing is still a part of my daily life! –
but my new blog, Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver, will be the online home for 
all my writing ramblings. 
I have deleted a couple of pages from this blog, moving them (with a few changes) to their new home,
and written and introductory post. 
The site is still needing some work – a few more pages, widgets, etc. – but I think its 
safe to introduce to you all! πŸ™‚
So, take a minute to pop over and visit my new writing blog Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver
follow it if you like it enough and want to stay up-to-date with Unlikely Lives and the story of Sullivan, 
and I’d really love it if you’d share the link with your book-loving or writerly friends! 
Thanks so much and the Lord Jesus bless you all 
this Sunday evening!

30 Days of Thankfulness ~ Day 18

I an thankful for the cold. πŸ™‚ 
Last winter it stayed pretty comfortable all season.
And through the summer we had a lot of trouble with parasites, 
diseases, and extreme heat – for the animals, crops, and us!
we have been praying for a good, cold winter.
Yesterday we went down to a nicely frosted barn yard. πŸ™‚ 
Thank the Lord for the cold!!

Goodbye October!

Goodbye October!
I actually took these pictures early yesterday evening,
but didn’t post them as I already had another post up and didn’t want 
to post again….
now this morning has come though, I find I wish I had put it on late yesterday
evening…November has come and I’ve got new pictures of a 
special morning to share! πŸ™‚
I guess today I’ll just have to have two posts!
Early yesterday evening, I took a walk round our place 
to take a few pictures of our Lord’s wonderful Creation this time of year.
(Actually I walked round just a little of our place…I left a lot of ground uncovered…
I would have been out there all night and longer if I had! πŸ™‚
I had a couple of little ones tagging along – or rather, running ahead! πŸ™‚
Sammy and his brother Charlie. πŸ™‚
~ ~ ~  *  ~ ~ ~ 

This picture has not been edited, by the way – all the colors are natural. 
Many of the pictures here are natural, only a couple have been edited to make it more interesting.
But I didn’t want to take a way from the natural look of fall.
I don’t know what type of grass this is, but I remember liking it since I was just 
a little girl…I always thought it looked so much like wheat 
(of course…that’s to someone who doesn’t know what real wheat looks like! πŸ™‚
Do you think it looks like wheat?
There’s many old logs, stumps, and much dead tree material around our place.
Its the perfect breeding ground for mildews and fungus. 
Correct me, if I’m wrong, but I believe this is fungus growing off this old log….
Whatever it is, it was certainly fun to photograph! πŸ™‚
This is just one of many shots I took of it….

I love the different colors in these little plant growths. 
Its amazing how detailed and precise the Lord’s Work in nature is, isn’t it?
Like each of these leaves…all so different…and they all change different colors.
Have you noticed that? 
How with each type of tree, the leaves change different colors?

More parasitic plants….
This was taken in our front yard…
you can’t see it here, but the air was full of a light smoke at the time 
I took this photo.
Its such a blessing to have a fireplace! 
And to be here to enjoy it! 

A special little someone was waiting for me when I got home. 
Little Lady Louann….
Thank You, Jesus, 
for Your blessings in Nature.

What happened yesterday

Yesterday was a very big day….
We went up north to pick up our last two additions.Β 
Two, weaned, disbudded, and vaccinated registered Saanen doelings.
We praise the Lord Jesus for them, and thank Him that He led usΒ 
to a wonderful farm.Β 
It is very special to meet people who care for each animalΒ individually.
That's how Carra and I want to run our little outfit.Β 

Turn the Page please…..

Too Many New Things to count!

Thursday we went up on a hurried day-trip to north of Asheville, NC.
Its more than three hours from here – way, way up in the mountains. 
Its been a while since we went so far on those winding, twisting mountain roads….
But it was worth it! πŸ™‚

The Lord Jesus blessed us with three new goats.
Purebred, registered Saanens. 
Two doelings and a buckling which we were so blessed to get for free
because of a simple problem (cryptorchidism – check it out on wikipedia.)
We are praying it won’t be genetic because he 
promises to be a wonderful sire for our herd.
The picture above is of one of the little girls we got.

This is the ten week old buckling.
Saanens are a lot larger goats than we are used to!
This boy is huge! At ten weeks he must weigh 60lbs or better.
And, Lordwilling, he’s going to get a lot bigger.
His mother weighed in at 200.

These are the three of them….one of them is hiding!

Earlier this week we moved our chicks down the hill. 
It was a long, hard, hot day!
But we’re thankful to have them moved out of the brooder/well house,
and into the open air. 
We lost three that night to a coon/possum, though….so there’s pros and cons to everything!
We set the trap and over the course of two weeks have caught 
two coons and a possum. 
We also went ahead and got 55 more chicks from a lady in a town 
near by us.
They’re not as healthy as we’d like, but we’re praying 
for them and treating them for respiratory problems. 

We said goodbye to the only two remaining yellow lab pups we had. 😦
That’s sad.
But I feel like they’ve gone to good homes – so we’re thankful
to the Lord Jesus for that!

The hay was baled up and stored on Thursday, 
and now the field needs fertilized so it’ll produce more next 
And then….
it finally happened….
and I think it deserves a post of its own! πŸ™‚