Working in the Gas Chambers

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving Cavour than silver and gold.”

This is going to be another one of those mobile posts. (Mainly because I got up late and haven’t time to upload all the pictures to my computer! Errr….the folly of being tired!)
But yesterday as we were working I promised myself I’d do a blogpost on our latest achievement, so here I am! 🙂

Not the blown in kind by any means…the bales, you cut into strips, push up between the floor joists, and pin in place with tiger teeth.
Not the green, cotton kind
The fiberglass type.

We often put in insulation. Blown in above, and whatever-this-is-called beneath. But yesterday was so full of laughing – even amidst all the work, itching, burning, and squeezing in (sometimes the spaces between the floor and ceiling were only 2 feet or less), that I just had to write about it. 🙂

I only went under for short periods. Asthma keeps me from doing things that are so dusty (or shall we say fibery), but I did go under some to deliver things, and I have a good reputation as a gopher. 🙂

Carra and I joked that we were working in the gas chambers (pictures I took of them thru the foundation vents show why. 🙂 )

Also, I included here the rare picture of one of us girls in pants. (Carra). As I shared on fb, we wear skirts (ie mainly dresses) for modesty even on the farm, mucking out, trimming goat hooves, attending goat births, giving vaccines, disbudding, or at work painting, putting up vinyl siding, muddying, Sheetrock, roofing, etc. or doing any job at home from cookie to mowing grass and anything in between. But sometimes (as at work when crawling under houses or at home hen tending bees) over/coveralls are a must have, even for girls. Of course, it is so rare we use them that we wear Daddy’s.

Hope you enjoy these pictures!

What did you spend your Monday doing?










The beginning of something new

At a loss for blog posts the other day, I posted to Fb and asked if any of my friends had any thoughts.
I got several responses, and this one in particular from a sister in the Lord.
She asked if I couldn’t do a post on modest dress/purity etc. 
I thought it was a wonderful idea, but I must confess I’m a little doubtful whether I can tackle it!
I’ve been praying though, and I do feel I should address this subject more often.
It is met with so much repulsion and I’ve experienced so much hurt from speaking/writing of it in the past,
I suppose I’ve shunned it like the plague for a couple years. 
But running away from pain will not make the pain go away – nor the ailment causing the pain.
Things should be talked about, whether they hurt us or not, and so…I’m planning this and other posts
later as the Lord leads on this very controversial subject concerning modesty and purity in women.

Jesus calls us, o’er the tumult
Of our life’s wild, restless sea;
Day by day His sweet voice soundeth
Saying, “Christian, follow Me;”

As of old, apostles heard it
By the Galilean lake,
Turned from home and toil and kindred,
Leaving all for His dear sake.

Jesus calls us from the worship
Of the vain world’s golden store;
From each idol that would keep us,
Saying, “Christian, love Me more.”

In our joys and in our sorrows,
Days of toil and hours of ease,
Still He calls, in cares and pleasures,
“Christian, love Me more than these.”

Jesus calls us: by Thy mercies,
Saviour, may we hear Thy call,
Give our hearts to Thy obedience,
Serve and love Thee best of all.
Cecil F. Alexander

Praying last night during our Wednesday evening prayer meeting together, I was called upon to
accompany everyone’s singing by playing this hymn on the piano.
Its an old, old song – old by right, but also to me. I’ve played/sang this song for years.
But last night, baffled over how to address this post, the Lord Jesus blessed me with this song.
Singing/reading this hymn with modesty in mind is such a rich blessing I had never known before!
The tumult of life, the troubled seas could symbolize the world we live in today; all the rush and scurry,
all the pressure to be like everyone else.
{I pray I’m not the only one who feels this!}
The song repeats Jesus’ calling us – from our home, and toil, and kindred; everything we’ve ever known,
and everything the world today expects of us.
From each idol that would keep us.
Oh, sisters!
I know I am not alone in this one.
I truly love myself; I love my body, my face, my hair, my skin tone….
And I would love that others could see it and enjoy it – and brag on me – just as much as I do myself.
{Alright…I don’t actually brag…ahem….}
For women – and for men – our bodies can become one of the greatest idols.
We become obsessed with looking good, with feeling good, with appealing to others; making them like us.

Jesus calls us from the worship
Of the vain world’s golden store;
From each idol that would keep us,
Saying, “Christian, love Me more.”

But just as much as anything else, our pre-occupation with ourselves can take away – and so much so –
from our relationship with our Lord Jesus.
Another song comes to mind.

Nothing between, like worldly pleasure; 
habits of life, though harmless they seem, 
must not my heart from Him ever sever; 
He is my all, there’s nothing between. 

How easy it is for us to allow ourselves to get between us and our Jesus!
Harmless though it may seem, an obsession with one’s appearance can be just as crippling to one’s
spiritual life as an obsession with lying, or an addiction to drugs/alcohol.

{This is not to say we should wear rags.}

{Dressing appropriately and dressing obsessively, or to attract attention, are two different things.}

Anything that takes us away from our Lord Jesus should be thoroughly thought through, examined,
and then dealt with.

I think dress is just such a thing.
Especially as women, it is something that needs to be a main subject of concern.
Not only are we the objects of our brothers-in-Christ’s natural affections and desires
(and thereby can also be their temptation into sin or lust)
but we are also a great crutch to ourselves in that we know the beauty the Lord has endowed us with.

The Lord Jesus created women to be beautiful creatures.
And it is one of those little blessings He gives to His children here on this earth.
But it can also be a temptation, a snare, and a trap.

All things should be brought in prayer before the Lord.
Our own opinion of our appearance, our own feelings about our bodies/dress should not be neglected.
These things can become that ‘something between’ us and our Savior.
This is not something to be taken lightly!

This is a very deep subject!
But I think I see a little in what direction the Lord Jesus wants me to go with this.
And that includes breaking it up into multiple posts. 
And that brings us to the something new part of the title of this post.
I haven’t quite grasped the whole thing yet, but there will be more heard of this!
until the next time….
I pray you all have a wonderful Friday 
{hooray for the weekend’s eve!}
and may we all think more seriously through this day about those things that can lead us away from