And more trouble

I wonder sometimes why The Lord allows such problems.
My mother, sister, and I are now stuck at an O’Reilly’s Automotive with engine trouble on the family van, and Daddy’s trying to find us after taking the work van to try to get tires (not completed yet).
And we’re here now with crippled vehicles, 1/2 hour from home, exhausted, with more work than we can handle pressing on us each day, and chores still waiting at home.

And what’s the reason?

A satanic attack, maybe? A trial from The Lord?


8 thoughts on “And more trouble

    • Thank you, Fawn. Things are moving slow this morning, but we’re trusting the Lord it’ll all come together.

      In Him;

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your misfortunes, my friend. It sounds like everyone is physically safe and sound and that is a blessing. Sometimes, when things like this happen to me that seem to slam the brakes on my life, it feels like God is really trying to get my attention as if to say, “I need you to slow down and pay attention to something very important right now.”

    You will all be in my prayers tonight. Whatever happens, look for the lessons and the blessings.

    In Yeshua,

    • My goodness! I wrote out a whole response to this as we left for work this morning, brother, along with all the rest of my comments here and deffinately hit the “reply” button, but I guess I lost connection or something and it didn’t go through.
      Thank you for the prayers so much and the encouraging words.
      I have indeed been seeking The Lord so much about His Will of late, and feel so deeply that the work (construction/renovation) we are in is not completely in His Will, and is tending to lead us away from Him and into the world. But our family is divided sharply on this issue, so we continue to pray and seek Him.
      I am so thankful though, that through all this none of are physically hurt. That is a blessing you mentioned.
      It would be so much more awful if we were ill or injured or worse.
      Suffering comes in degrees, doesn’t it? And always in His measure.

      Thank you again for all the prayers an kind words.

      In Yeshua;
      Miss April

  2. 😦 sister I pray all is well, and that you wake to this new day refreshed and filled anew with the joy and peace of the Lord, to press on. Love you

    • Oh amen, sister! Today is proving hard too, but we’re trying to trust still and make it to work!! 🙂 it’s noon already and still we haven’t made it to work. The Lord knows though, an I am thankful we are all well.
      Sister, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you back online and talk to you again. ❤
      Love you so much!!

      In Him, your sister forever;

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