30 Days of Thankfulness ~ Day 15

I have been woefully behind in my 30 Days of Thankfulness posts.
Daily life here at home has distracted me – not unpleasantly – from working 
on my blog etc. 
But…its also given me a lovely thing to post about Thankfulness on!
In my daily life…apart from my relationship to my Lord Jesus…there is nothing I am more 
thankful for than my family, and my life here at home.
It might seem strange to some folks…
at 21 I’m still living at home with my parents, working on building a farm, and 
spending my free time scribbling away at stories – the same thing I did when I was 11.
But there’s nothing I love more.
Its the type of person Jesus has made me to be – and I’m so, so happy being this person!
He has made me to be rather introverted…
I’m very shy…in person…slow to express myself unless you know me very well…
I’m most “at-home” at home. 🙂 
But…at the same time I will stand up for what I believe…
strangers or not.

I love everything about home….
My family most of all – do we ever have our differences! But we still love each other!
And love – when Jesus is allowed to be in us that love – is able to bind people closer together 
than anything this mortal life can offer. 
I love being here.
I’m so thankful for my quiet home, so far out in the ‘boonies’, with my little family.
Cleaning, dusting, polishing, scrubbing, organizing, cooking, planning meals, doing dishes….
it gets a little complicated when you have three women in one home! 🙂 
Its hard to get things together sometimes – do things in an order that’s acceptable to everyone;
and especially to the dear, precious woman who’s taught us all our home-making
skills -and still teaches us everyday! 🙂

I look forward to the day when I can look at Mama and say, 
“Thank you for letting the Lord Jesus use you, Mama. Thank you for being 
patient and teaching me – even when I didn’t want to learn.
My home and family would not be, if you had not endured the journey the Lord Jesus 
put you on and taught me….everyday, every moment.”
And I’ll always say…
I love you, Mama!
Home-making has many, many avenues….
Cleaning, cooking, meal-planning, laundry (may I repeat that six times?)
sewing, decorating, preserving food, etc.
are just about half of the work – and joys – of being a woman at home.
Most of these things occur inside the house….
Women’s work carries on outside to!
And, though Mama has taught us many things about working outside….
Daddy would have to be said to be our greatest teacher about women’s – yes, women’s – work outside.
Living on a farm adds a great deal of work – and so much more joy and accomplishment! – to 
the world of homemaking.
And, many times, women on a farm work as hard – or try to work as hard –
as the men.
I know we do! 🙂  

Putting up fencing is a very good example of the sort of ‘men’s work’ we do. 🙂
As well as are chopping firewood, helping with house-repairs (roofing could be the most extreme),
mowing and cleaning brush, bushhogging (we’d do a lot more of this if we 
always had a tractor on the farm…its hard to keep one here!),
gardening, helping bale hay (including picking up over 200 square bales from the field
and helping to store it), pack feed (50lb bags ten per our usual load…from the van (through an 
excited herd of goats) and to the barn), building stanchions, milk-stands, hen houses…..
The list goes on. 🙂
Lettuce mix from our garden.

Daddy, digging post holes.
Daddy has taught us so much – even when he doesn’t think so. 🙂 
And…just as I look forward to thanking Mama, I look forward to thanking 
my precious Daddy for all he has done. 
I look forward to thanking him for working with us – even when he felt like we weren’t learning.
Thank him for always being willing to help and to talk to us….
And to teach us men’s work – even if we’re ladies! 
My home and family will someday be the precious treasures found at the end of 
this journey, Daddy. 
The many things you teach me – just by being who you are – will one day show you
so much, rich fruit. 
“Thank you for enduring, for going this journey with the Lord Jesus, and letting 
Him use you in my life.”
And, I’ll always say,
“I love you, Daddy!”
Of course, homemaking on a farm includes all areas of crop and stock care.
Its been a long, long road – and still continues so – but Carra and I are learning 
slowly, surely how to care properly for our small – and quickly growing – herd of dairy goats.
I love the mornings of chores…the quieter evenings sitting in the barn 
waiting on the goats to finish their suppers. 🙂
I love farming – the pretty and the ugly of it. 
Just to squat down and look a goat in the eyes…a beautiful, perfectly-formed animal
who is trusting you, depending on you for everything.
That makes everything worth it!

I love being home caring for these little girls our Lord Jesus has gifted us with.
Farming, providing a good home for your animals and crops, and being rewarded for 
your efforts by wholesome, natural food stuffs, fiber, and fertilizers…and even some monetary gains….
This is something I think every homemaker should toil to incorporate into
her home and family life. 

I am very thankful for every part of homemaking.
And I am very thankful for the opportunities the Lord Jesus gives me to sharpen these
skills – and to learn new ones. 
I believe the Lord has called me to one day be a wife and a mother.
That’s all I want to be.
These years at home are in preparation of those many years I will spend raising 
my own children for the Glory of our Jesus, and teaching them what I have learned over these
years I have not wasted on myself…but have spent at home, supporting my family,
as they have supported me all these years.

Perhaps it sounds silly….
Perhaps I sound like a nut! 🙂 
I know many modern girls of 21 would never live this way.
But….at the risk of being a nut!….
I love it.

The blessings of home far outweigh the blessings of wondering to me….
I dread the days spent away from home….
working…at things I do not like…at things I wasn’t made for…all in the name of 
the almighty dollar that seems to rule the world with an iron fist…..
I just want to come home….
to my cleaning, cooking, laundry, dishes, fence mounting, hay-hauling, goat feeding,
garden-weeding, dress-sewing, music-playing, story-writing…..
My life.

My life….
The life I want.
The life I strive…worry…work…weep…
to maintain.
To keep it from changing….
My life in Him.

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