I find it very difficult to see through the eyes of the nun in An Unlikely Love. Most of you will have noticed the story is told solely through Sullivan’s (the main character) view. But the nun is a very great player in this story. She is everywhere…doing everything…not saying much yet, but always there all the same.
I find it very difficult to imagine myself the victim of a pirate attack…and then held prisoner, with no idea of what my fate is, for over half a year (and probably much longer…I’m not sure yet! šŸ™‚ surrounded by the very basest of society…men who don’t give a lick what people think of them, don’t think twice about shooting and killing someone, and certainly would not care…would even relish…the thought of hurting a woman…. To be stuck in that sort of violence and danger, and then finding oneself, through tragic circumstances, raised from the position of merely a prisoner to an active…visitor…if not member of this riotous community once the company anchors at their rendezvous….
I can only just fathom what she is feeling…suffering.
It would make a wonderful story in its own right. Maybe the Lord will bless and I can write it one day….


2 thoughts on “Thinking….

  1. My dearest sister,It is so good to visit your blog again, and read a post :). Reading AUL so far, I hadn't thought about this… but it would be truly difficult to see the situation through the eyes of more than one person at a time. Seeing things through Sullivan's eyes must be intense enough at one time :). But then, there are glimpses into the nun's world, now and then. And even though they are glimpses made through Sullivan's eyes, I still seem to know the nun a little, now :). Yes… her individual story would make a wonderful account! Dear sister, this must be a great challenge, but there is this great comfort, isn't there: the Lord has led you thus far, and shown you the story through Sullivan's eyes… and it is a story which captures the depth, emotion, and reality of the life it is dealing with. I pray He continues to guide you and show you the words to write, sister. This is a special journey with Him. I look forward, so much, to seeing what unfolds next in Sullivan's life, and Heimler's, Elizabeth's and the nun's lives!I've missed you so much :), and praise the Lord for His care.With so much love,Maddy

  2. Dearest sister;It was good to at last write on my blog again. I have been neglecting it for so long, it was like something new! :)I pray I'll get to write here more too! :)I was so glad to hear that you are beginning to know the nun a little bit through the story! šŸ™‚ That was very nice as I was worried that, since she says so little and does so little, she would seem like a newcomer when she finally 'comes out'. Thank you for your words of encouragement, dear sister. They mean more to me than you could ever know. I love to write, and love the story, but it means so much to know someone else can see it for what it is and know that I am truly trusting the Lord through the writing of it.I am excited to get to write again. It has been a hard week. And I have missed you too, so much. I love you!

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