Work outside and in

Despite the intense heat and the neglect it’s received this busy spring/summer,
the Lord has blessed our garden and we have begun canning,
juicing, making preserves, and pickling. 
Saturday we used all the many, many cherry tomatoes that were ripe,
and turned them into juice.

My precious sister using the juicer.

I thought the juice tasted pretty good – even from those little cherries.
We’ve never made cherries into juice before, but were thankful
it turned out so well – now we know what to do with the over-abundance of little
tomatoes we have every year!

Our first batch of green beans this year (10lbs) became 1 meal and 
17 pints of pickled beans.

Besides this we’ve put up dill and sweet cucumber pickles,
and two small batches of blueberry preserves.
I enjoy canning and pickling.
Its something I think is slipping from society – and which shouldn’t.
Every woman used to know how to preserve food for her family.
Today too many girls grow up not even knowing what it takes to seal a jar!
Much less how to can!
Canning and preserving is also a wonderful link to the Lord’s creation;
just the whole process – picking the fruits,
preparing and cleaning them, then canning/pickling/juicing/preserving them…
its like milking a goat or a cow;
it puts you in touch with nature, and makes you feel so 
peaceful and joyful inside. 
Happy Summer everyone!
(Of course I realize to some of you its actually winter
happy winter to ya’ll! đŸ™‚

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